Kokanee Glacier

About The Youthful Yeti Challenge 2016

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Please Help Support These Youth In This Great Character Building Adventure!

We are all Members of Scouts Canada and the Girl Guides of Canada. Our aim in this project is to promote Scouting/Guiding as excellent choices for youth and leader involvement. We want the world to learn about the importance of challenging youth. This adventure works! Our youth are excited and have a positive quality within themselves that we hope the rest of the world can benefit from. We are planning a commemorative trek that emulates a portion of the trek the 1st Chapman (Kimberly) Scouts did in 1927, see the book " No Pass Too High". This trek is for youth aged 12 through 18 (Scouts, Ventures and Girl Guide Rangers). With leaders this trek party will consist of 18 participants. The trek will be 6 days and 5 nights covering over 40 kilometers of Kokanee Park. The route will take the youth through much of the rugged backcountry of the park and will include mountaineering skills development. We are presently discussing the route options with the guides and will include traveling the route that crosses the Kokanee Glacier and bagging a peak. The group will spend the last couple of days exploring and recreating around the core area. We have hired local professionals from Summit Mountain Guides whom are certified with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides for this trek.

This is our third Youthful Yeti Challenge event. We have taken the Scouts and Guides on previous trips to Kokanee Glacier Park and Glacier National Park (Canada). These were life changing events for the youth in the way it boosted their confidence within themselves and helped build leadership qualities that will benefit them throughout their lives! Scouting has enriched youths lives for over 100 years in Canada. To contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. Activities we do are hiking, camping, geocaching, survival skills, community support, fundraising, cancer relay, fishing, canoeing etc.


Along with the guided services on the trek they will include instructing the group with the various facets of backcountry travel in the area of Kokanee Glacier Park including: trip prep, gear lists, cooking, first aid, mountain/crevasse rescue, glacier travel, fitness regime etc.. We are doing a complete risk assessment and rescue plan. The trek will consist of the youth packing their personal items, mountaineering equipment, sleeping bags, tents, sleep pads, freeze dried food and water. The group is also looking into volunteering their service to BC Parks somewhere along the trip for half a day to lend a hand with the trails, invasive weeds or an area parks sees fit.

The group leader (Jim Garth) is a BC Park Ranger in the West Kootenays and will also be educating the group while in the park about the history, flora and fauna etc, career profiling of Park Rangers, mountain guides and staffing that make up the workforce in this mountain community. The group will be composing a news media story with lots of photos and video throughout the trip for immediate follow up on their return.

We hope to spread the excitement and great benefits of the Youthful Yeti Challenge to other Scouting, Guiding and similar youth groups throughout Canada and the world! Please help this continue to be our goal! Check out our video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk1Y9Ex0_c0